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Owning a home based business sounds like a dream come true for many people of different professions. Owning such a business truly has a lot of advantages – you can determine your own working hours, the expenses are lower, you save the time you would spend on traveling to and from work etc.

6732a56bea4195c443d4a3b831cf3607However, even though there are many good sides of working at home, before you rush into such a venture, you need to ask yourself is such a business actually suitable for your needs and habits. No matter ho attractive it sounds, owning a home based business is actually not something everyone can be successful at.

First of all, people with poor organization skills should definitely avoid starting a home based business. Working for a company requires you to go to work, do your job, come home and leave the job at the office. However, when you have your own business, you need to be able to manage everything and to supervise every move you or your employees make, in case you hire someone else. Even if you do not do the bookkeeping, cleaning, IT and other types of work – you are the one who needs to find, hire and pay people who do it.

If you are not willing to constantly develop and if you do not have many creative business ideas, it is also a scenario where it would be too much of a risk to start a home based business. You are the one who will need to be creative, persistent and ready to implement all the new ideas, and if you are not willing or capable of doing it, your business is not likely to achieve success.

People with low level of self-discipline should also stay away from home working. No matter if you establish a home-based office or you work online from your living room, in order to be successful, you need to have a high level of self-discipline and a capability of effective time management. If you cannot stick to your own schedule, which can be pretty demanding, it does not only affect the success in work, buit it can also make you feel very frustrated and unsatisfied.

Starting a business requires a lot of risk. Even though starting a home based business is less risky than starting a business in a remote office, it is still a move that no one can promise you will end up successfully. People who are not willing to take a risk should also turn to working for another employer instead of starting their own business, because their own home based business would only make them feel stressed.

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Home Business Ideas for Women

For those who enjoy socializing, a home based business is definitely not a good idea. If you have another employee or several of them in a home based office, it may work for you. However, if your job requires online corresponding and you work alone, and you are a type of person who likes interaction with others, you may feel isolated and depressed if you start a home based business Dotcompreneur talks about this.

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Methods of advertising and gaining audience for your website are numerous, and one of the methods it can be achieved is by creating solo ads. Before you decide to create a solo ad to promote your business, it is necessary to think who your audience is, how many people you want to attract and what kind of approach you want to develop.

find-your-target-audience There is plenty to think through, and there are some mistakes you should avoid in order for the solo ad campaign to be successful. Here are the most common solo ad mistakes you should tend to avoid:

Not targeting the solo ad – just like any advertisement, a solo ad must be targeted and intended for specific audience. You can use an agency for this who offer some of the best solo ads or you can do it for yourself. You need to create a profile of your average user and create a solo ad that will attract such a person, while also forming an atmosphere of trust and connection.

Not testing a solo ad on a small number of users – before distributing the solo ad to all the users from your list, it is necessary to test it on a small number of users. Many people tend to skip this because they want to achieve the highest number of clicks at once. However, there may be some mistakes in the ad or it may not be suitable, so it is better to test it first in order to see the stats after the ad was sent. This will enable you to correct all that is necessary before sending the ad to a large number of people.

Having a squeeze page crammed with information and details – a squeeze page should be as simple as possible, no matter how much you consider the details necessary. On this page, less is more, so it should have nothing more than a headline, email address form and a “submit” button.


Making your solo ad difficult to understand – you must keep in mind that, no matter how well the audience is targeted, the solo ad should be easy to understand even to a complete layman. This is why you must restrict jargon as much as possible and make your ad easily understandable for everyone.

Creating a boring solo ad – being too formal and reserved will create a boring ad that nobody will want to read. Instead, create an ad that is catchy and that makes people connect to the story and want to know more. Capturing people’s attention is the key to a successful solo ad campaign.

Forgetting to include a call for action – since the success of a solo ad depends on the number of clicks, you need to create a call for action to make people want to click on the ad and see what is behind your offer.


Not sending people to your lead capture page – this is a step many people fail to take. Sending the users to your website, fan page or anywhere that is not the capture page is distracting the users and thus preventing them to leave the information you need.

Forgetting to mail your subscribers after a while – it is not enough to create a list and email them once. It is necessary to build a relationship and keep the customers updated in order to gain more clicks on your ad. The best thing to use solo ads for is for home business, nothing works better with business opportunity than using solo ads.

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In the era of the Internet and the time of almost unlimited possibilities, advertising has become a well-developed and a very large field, explored and studied by many, and implemented in a huge number of ways.

advertisingNo matter if you own a small local business or a large international company, advertising is one of the crucial steps of reaching your first customers, attracting the new ones as the business grows and promoting your new products and your company in general. There are plenty of ways to get promoted, but in order to make your advertising campaign successful, you must beware of these common mistakes:

1.Not investing enough in advertising – even though advertising can be rather costly, especially if you still have to build a name, you must know that there is no other way of reaching people and gaining customers. If you are too stingy when it comes to investing money in advertising, the response you expect may not be as large and as quick as you would want, which can harm your business.


2.Hoping for the instant results – even if you invest in promoting your business or product, it is unrealistic to expect instant results and a huge rise in new customers overnight. However, do not let this discourage you, but be persistent and the success will come.

3.Not checking whether the advertisement is working – when you advertise in any way, you should be able to receive feedback, so that you know whether you are achieving the expected result. One way to receive feedback is by giving coupons, because you will be able to see how many people will redeem them. Also, if you advertise online, do not forget to follow the statistics.

4.Not aiming the ad at target audience – this is one of the common mistakes make in advertising. An ad simply cannot be created to reach everyone, but you must determine the target audience before you even create an ad, and especially before you decide to launch it.

5.Over-targeting – just like aiming the advertisement at a too wide group of people, aiming it at a too narrow group can be harmful for the business and fail to achieve the desired results.

6.Using unsupported claims in your ads – if you make a certain claim or a promise in your ad, you must be able to support it and fulfill what was promised. If your product fails to do so, you will lose the customers.

7.Creating uninteresting ads – you need to understand that the competition is huge, and that you need to be very creative if you want to stand out. Creating an uninteresting ad and sticking to the familiar, common patterns will make people see your ad and forget it instantly, without the desire to explore further.

8.Not creating campaigns, but only individual ads – you need to create a plan on advertising and create a full campaign, instead of releasing individual ads sporadically. It takes time to reach the customers, and you need consistency in order to grow recognizable.

9.Omitting social networks – social networks are a very powerful tool for advertising your business or products, no matter if you use the official ads or creative guerrilla marketing strategies. If you fail to promote on social networks, you are likely to miss a huge number of people belonging to your target group.

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